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I am a new user of your site and would like to register my family.

Grandfather Frank Richard Rosson
Great Aunt June Rosson
Great Uncle Gerald Rosson
Great Uncle Sid Rosson

Father Richard Ronald Thomas Rosson
Myself Kendra Ainsley Rosson
Brother Shaun Richard Andrew Rosson

I don't know the rest of my family tree right now but when I have more information I'll update this post.

By the way including myself my family is 5th generation from Victoria BC Canada.

I did notcie the similarity of the name of my grandfather and that of a Frank R Rosson from England.

Please update me if any of you know anymore and think you may be realted to my branch



My Rosson Line

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Hello All. Im searching for the Rosson line that my GGmother married into. It starts with William Rosson b. 1690 - Joseph b. 1720 - John b. 1772 VA (he married Nancy Connell) - James b. 1823 Robertson Co, TN (married Lucretia Van Hook) - James L. (called Buck; married Maggie Givens) - Clarence b. 1888 Robertson Co TN -(married my ggm, Minnie Blackburn White). Clarence and Minnie then moved to East St. Louis Illinois and are found there in 1920. I lose track of them after 1920.


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I am new to researching my family tree. So I will probably need all the help I can get. I am from Boaz, AL. My father was James Edward Rosson actually born in Douglas, AL along with 9 brothers and sisters. His father was Huey Columbus Rosson. Huey's father was Charles Rosson and his grandfather was John Thomas Rosson. I do have a print out of all children of Charles and John and have all info. on Huey. As far as I can tell they were all born in Etowah Co. Beyond John I am at a loss it branches everywhere and there are so many of the same names. Just wondering if all Rosson's are related in some form or are there many different sets? Any help I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me with any help you can give me Thank you very much.

Jennifer Rosson(Bennett)

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members in my tree

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gggggggrandfather: william rosson 1690-1761 (1)(got ? sibs.)
from england
+mischell pasquet 1700- abt. 1761
ggggggrandfather: joseph rosson 1720-1806 (2)(got 6 sibs.)
from landcaster, va
+sarah stanton abt. 1722-aft. 1760
gggggrandfather: john cummings rosson 1748/49-1843 (3)(got 13 sibs)
from culpepper co., va
+sarah ann abbott abt. 1750-bef. 1840
ggggrandfather: ira rosson 1775-1794-abt.1850 (4)(got 14 sibs)
from possably north carolina
+sarah wright
gggrandfather: fideller hunt rosson (5)(got ? sibs)
from missouri or knoxville, tennessee
+julie maddox/matricks
ggrandfather: daniel penington rosson 1872-1944 (6)(got 5 sibs)
from possiably north carolina
+margaret jane pounds 1876-1939
grandfather: snead otis rosson 1900-1976 (7)(got 6 sibs)
from arkansas
+nola mae cooper 1922-1993
father: edward lee rosson 1941- (8)(got 4 sibs.)
from gore,oklahoma
+virginia dale craft 1956-
me: margaret jane rosson 1975- (9)(got 5 sibs.)
from muskogee, oklahoma
+bradley gene aldridge

this is my direct line i got from me back but i got alot of brothers and sisters , their spouses and children if interested. contact me at i got several hundred in my rosson line alone. if just curious if your rosson is in my line contact and i'll look and give whatever info i have on them to you. good luck on your lines and have a nice day.

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Your IRA ROSSON is a brother to my BENONI ROSSON. SO we have the same line past them.


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My family

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Great-great Grandparents: William B Rossen(Rosson) born:1825, TN
Sarah Ann Foust born:1836, TN

Great Grandparents: Jefferson Davis Rossen(Rosson) born: 1865, TN
died:1937, TX
married:1884, TN
Sarah Matilda Bassham born: 1869 or 70, TN

Granparents: Joseph Franklin Rosson born: 1892, TX
died: 1971, TX
Ethel Maude Sills born:1893, TX
died: ?

Father: William Victor Rosson born: 12-12-1919, TX
died: 10-15-1997, IL
married: 09-14-1944, TX
Marjorie Jane Espe born: 12-21-1920, IA
died: 05-15-2006, IL

Children: Paula Rosson Annino born: 09-11-1947, TX
Brenda Rosson Hall born: 08-07-1948, IL
Linda Rosson Peterson born: 06-26-1950, IL
Gary Rosson born: 02-14-1957, IA
Craig Rosson born: 01-28-1960, IL
Steven Douglas Rosson, born 10-29-1946, TX
died: 11-05-1946, TX
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I am confused but I will post what I know, or think I know.
Tom Rosson posted
My gGrandfather is Edgar Cheatum Rosson 1864-1941 of Pocahontas Tn.
My Grandfather is David E. Rosson Sr.1912-1994 B-Poc,Tn D-Florence,Ala
My Father is David E. Rosson Jr 1940-
I am TOm Rosson 1969-
My son is Matthew Rosson 1997-

If this is true and I have no reason to doubt it then:

gGrandfather is Edgar Cheatum Rosson 1864-1941 of Pocahontas, Tn.
Grandmother Mary Rosson 17 Apr 1896 20 Jan 1984 Mt. Olive, Ms and Memphis,Tn. married George W Smith lived in Mt. Olive then Memphis.
Also had a son Joe R. Smith 26 Jun 1931 - Memphis, Tn.

Father George W. Smith, Sr. 15 Jan 1921 - 15 Jan 1996 Mt Olive and New Orleans. married Alvera Cook of New Orleans 14 Feb 1942

Me.... George W. Smith, Jr. 05 Jun 1943 - New Orleans, La
married Cheryl M. Perry 5 Nov 1966
Melissa Smith Mitchum 22 Aug 1967 New Orleans, La
married Tim Mitchum 16 Oct 1987 Divorced 2007
Danielle N. Mitchum 07 June 1992 New Orleans, La
Need help with the Rosson of Pocahontas Tn background.

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Re: Organization - Joseph Linville and David Worley Rosson

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I came across the 250+ page claim that D. W. Rosson made to the Southern Claims Commission and found some clues on the origin of the Pocahontas Rossons. I've posted this to the Civil War section of this website. The information indicates that Joseph L Rosson and David Worley Rosson were brothers and that the latter was born in Madison County, Alabama about 1804 and came to Tennessee as a boy.
Sven Berg
Charleston, WV

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Re: Organization

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I sent this originally to one of the members (old fogey) but I thought I would try and post it here. I enjoy reading what people have found out about our history. Good luck to all.

My name is Jay Rosson, I started doing some family history search. I have come to a dead end at my Great Grandfather. His name was John Thomas Rosson 1844-1922. It looks like he lived in Alabam and Georgia and probably fought in the Civial war for the Confederacy in Georgia. He second wife was Panatha Ann Lawson and she is my G GM. He had to be in in mid 60's when he had my grandfather.I have seen some folks family trees that look pretty promising, because of all of the Johns & Thomas's, just prior to my G GF.

Any help would be appreciated, and thanks for your time.

Jay Rosson

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Re: Organization

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I'm sorry I forgot one item. John Thomas Rosson's father was "probably from North Carolina".



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